Working in the industrial supply market since 2003, we want to provide our corporate and new customers with a completely new type of service: the option to choose required materials from well-known manufacturers via AmazonBusiness website. Now you can choose a desired product at the price that satisfies you without the need to consider counterparts available in the local market.

Everyone knows such a major online retailer for private persons as Amazon. Its catalog contains all that an ordinary person needs. But the company went further and since 2013 AmazonBusiness has been rapidly taking over B2B market. Its slogan is “Our goal is to give everything you need to build civilizations.”

AmazonBusiness has been working in the wholesale niche focused on medium-size and major companies. Currently, the product offering accounts for over 2 million products in dozens of sections.

In 2013, the company’s turnover amounted to $ 74 billion. The sales of all kinds of products take place according to the procedure, when price for a buyer is more important than immediate profit of a seller. Any desired product can be bought at a competitive price.

Here are some of them:

As a registered AmazonBusiness partner, we are ready to:

It should be noted that not all materials from AmazonBusiness can be delivered to Kazakhstan because of the existing trade restrictions. We are working hard to eliminate these restrictions.

Within this field, we are ready to develop cooperation with other online shops that offer industrial materials and equipment. If you have any recommendations for the service improvement and extension, we will be happy to hear your wishes.

Upon product stock availability on seller’s side, we can ensure the delivery to a customer’s warehouse in Kazakhstan within 10 days.

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